How to Integrate Social Media Content Into Your Website

Digital marketers quite often will have social media at the heart of their marketing campaigns. Social media is a great way to get your ideas out to a wider audience. One of the best ways to showcase the social presence of a brand is via its website.

When it comes to integrating your social content onto your website, it is just a case of adding a few social icons to your navigation and you are done, right? Not quite.

The content of your website and social media accounts can be blended to unify your brand online. Having a seamlessly connected digital presence on social media and your website can increase traffic and improve meaningful interactions you have with customers.

Here I will discuss how to get your website and social media content working together in the direction of one common goal.

Create Social Media Icons

As I touched on earlier, one of the most well knows ways of integrating social media onto your website is by including social media icons throughout your website. Whilst it should not be the limit of your social integration, it is a good start.

Social media icons can be added consistently and subtly throughout your website, to provide users with easy access to your social platforms. Common areas to include social icons are the main navigation bar, footer, contact and product pages. Social icons can also be placed above social content feeds, which I will touch on later. Creative Bloq have ample social media icons on their blog, such as the navigation links shown above.

The social icons are most effective when paired with a call to action, such as “connect with us”, which gives the user more context about your intentions. There are several free icon providers out there such as Font Awesome and IconMonster amongst others.

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Image credit: Creative Bloq