Google Search Console Guide for 2019

Google Search Console is a platform that allows you to gain key organic search insights as well as a greater understanding of Google’s indexing process.

It was once known as “Google Webmasters Tools” and was updated in 2015 to include a far greater range of users. Indeed, today Search Console can be used by SEOs, Designers, Developers, Business owners and digital marketers.

On the surface, Search Console allows us to optimise the content of our website to increase website traffic, understand the device and location of our users as well as fixing navigation errors and crawling bugs.

Verify Your Account

The first step to using Google Search Console is to verify your account. In other words, we need to prove to Google that we are the administrators for our website, to access sensitive information.

There are several ways that a website can be verified. For instance, Google may require you to upload a file to your website, add a line of code to your website or verify via DNS Setting, Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. Google provides excellent documentation for all the various ways to verify your website.

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