What is GTMetrix and How Can It Help Your Business Online?

With Google announcing in recent years that page speed is a key factor in the rankings of search results, there has been more emphasis than ever before on optimising website performance. There are several online tools that can be utilised to give your website the desired performance boost; each with different costings and capabilities. Here, we will look at GTMetrix and how it can help your business.

So, what is GTMetrix? Well, it is a website performance analytics tool, created by GT.net, who are well known in the digital space for the speed monitoring tool, Pingdom. The key objective of GTMetrix is to analyse the performance of your website and provide you with a list of actionable recommendations to improve it.

When getting started with GTMetrix, enter your domain name into their website and let them work their magic. After a short analysis time, you are presented with a performance report with a top-level page speed score, loading time and overall page size. We are also provided with a breakdown of several page speed recommendations as to how you can improve.

The top-level KPIs are great for analysing trends, however, to understand how to optimise our website, let’s go into further detail.

Page Speed KPI

One of the main attractions to GTMetrix is the ability to quickly and easily get access to key performance indicators. Once the analysis is complete, we are provided with the Full Loaded Time, so we can see the amount of time that the website takes to load, in seconds. We are also given the Total Page Size, so we can measure the full size of the page in MB. Finally, in Requests, we are given the total number of assets that the website is using at any given time. By providing us with this useful information, we can use GTMetrix to get a solid understanding of the performance of our website.

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Image credit: GTMetrix